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Hybrid Vehicle Electronics

Our current customer demands are leading us to develop more E-motor control solutions targeting Hybrid vehicles, in order to meet these rapdily changing demands Si-Gate has expanded our product portfolio in this area.

Specifically Si-Gate is offering master gateway modules for hybird vehicle operations, battery & power management modules, 3 phase power inverter(s), heating & cooling controller(HVAC), and advanced communications systems.

Embedded Software

Si-Gate software group has over 20 years experience in embedded software applications at OEM, Tier 1 and 2 levels. If your project requires expertise ranging from low level driver development , application and control software, or AUTOSAR integration layer please contact us.

Customer Specific ECU

Si-Gate GmbH offers custom ECU development for both prototyping and production runs. We have experience in developing powertrain, chassis, and body(including HVAC controls) for a wide range of OEM customers. Let us bring your concepts into reality without trading off product feature set. See latest example -->


Si-Gate offers 3-Phase Motor Control

New Hybrid Product Line

New Bluetooth Enabled Hands-Free Car Kit.

2 Million Gate Xilinx Spartan-3 now supported on our X-1500 platform. ask for more details at

ARM and 3SOFT Choose Si-Gate X-1500 FPGA Development Platform to demonstrate AutoSAR

Si-Gate GmbH, announces a FlexRay™ Daughter Board to their X-1500 32-bit Field Configurable ECU Platform. Now MFR4300 chip supported

Si-Gate GmbH releases
FMS-Series Fleet Management System to their product line-up.

Si-Gate FPGA Development Boards
CAN to FlexRay gateway with a full suite of automotive and industrial peripherals.

Si-Gate Automotive Climate Controller

Programable Automotive HVAC ECU to meet your climate control needs

Si-Gate Motor Control

Brushless BLDC DC Motor has never been so simple.

Si-Gate Fleet Management Solutions

Our products open up a whole new realm of possibilities for fleet managers.

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