Si-Gate GmbH Develops Futuristic Automotive Electronic Platform

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Stuttgart, Germany/EWORLDWIRE/Nov. 8, 2004 --- Si-Gate GmbH today announced it has developed an innovative development platform (Si-Gate X1500) suitable for futuristic automotive electronics. The Si-Gate X1500 platform can be reconfigured using Hardware Description Language (HDL) targeting multiple applications including powertrain, body, chassis, and safety systems.

Si-Gate GmbH develops products and electronic solutions for the automotive and OEM markets, and offers custom development of Automotive Electronic Control Units for both prototyping and low volume production runs. Si-Gate also develops Embedded Software and custom FPGA Code/IP Development, with a core focus on the application of State-of-the-Art Technology into new automotive systems.

"By combining our experience in developing Automotive Electronic Control Units (ECU) together with low cost Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technologies in our Si-Gate X1500 product, we believe our customers can develop and release new feature content in their ECU's without re-investing in expensive development programs. Upcoming FPGA technologies are allowing Automotive Electronic designers new degrees of design freedom with cost targets not previously obtainable with traditional FPGA solutions.
With the Si-Gate X1500 development platform our customers can rapidly configure their custom application needs into a reconfigurable/re-useable ECU while reducing their time-to-market without waiting on upon technologies not yet released in silicon,
" said Robert Newberry, Managing Director of Si-Gate GmbH.

The Si-Gate X1500 is a complete 32-bit Field Configurable ECU platform, combining the highly popular 32-bit ARM7TDMI-S processor core with programmable logic for customer driven IP applications, a robust memory sub-system, and a full suite of Automotive and Industrial peripherals. The X1500 enables programmable System on-Chip applications and expands traditional development platforms by including necessary physical layers onboard the ECU. The X1500 provides designers with a configurable ECU right out of the box suitable for a wide range of Automotive and Industrial applications. The X1500 is ideally suited for projects where flexibility and expandability is needed for your products.

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